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Try-out event, 27 februari in Rotterdam

On Saturday February 27 2010 there has been another  RMC try-out event in Rotterdam. A try-out is a mini conference with 3 to 6 speakers, 4 to 10 hours and usually 50 to 70 visitors. It's an excellent opportunity to get an impression of what the RMC is all about. You meet international dating coaches and other men who want to develop themselves and become more successful with women.

For this event we had invited Dr. Yen, Yosha, Aaron Sleazy, Wisdom and Ace. They are all very experienced members and instructors of The London Seduction Society (LSS). The LSS is one of the largest online communities with over 5000 members.
Aaron Sleazy for example is said to be one of the best club gamers in the world, see his website! His stories alone will be well worth your trip to Rotterdam.
Dr Yen is specialized in flash game, Yosha in daygame. Then Wisdom will talk about courage and how to get it and YourCharismaCoach Ace will do the same concerning charisma.

Reviews of last try-out session
Here’s a review of "Dragon" of the "Aachen Lair" (lair: club mannen die beter willen worden met vrouwen versieren) of a previous try out at 26/09/2009, also in Djoj Rotterdam.

”First i want to thank you for your planning, invitation and organisation, which was all very well working.
So the travelling was for me and the most people like an easy everyday travel. The DJOJ and the dinner there was really fine.

Entropy talked abuot the hours of learning to get a good Pua. He really found out a lot of things, which show how seduction works.

I think its like he said, that the people and the culutural expectations of Sets in different cultures work different. I often hear people here from germany who try out things from the Us, and the effect isnt the same. The Sets here then somtimes cant handle the new context. They think: "What is that?" They say that they only want to feel a natural god given love. The effect here is somtimes so funny and for some of the Sets longtime distracting. Its like people development.

The Joker spoke about his special experiences he made in the last jears. What a special lifestyle! So he found out a way that works well. The effect of that really reaches into other topics of the life. Its sometimes really a little bit like a tightrope walk to get managed all of the theorie well. His speech was well presented, so the audience was really alive.

When i first saw Dharam i thought: "How good must theese guy be, to be so good in seduction?" So he really fascinated the people with his unbelieveable impressive intensive speech. Sometimes i really thougt: "Is that real, or iam dreaming, what cool things he is describing there?" I think some of his Sets think in a similar way. Perhaps they are asking themselves, what this guy is doing with them. So i can imagine that the reaction of the Sets is much more positive than only a smiling. Perhaps i have grasped his way of thinking, when he lifted me up at the end of his interesting speech.

Special thanks to Lairleader and his awesome lair!

I was very impressed by that guys and so the effectiveness in there.
I think the best for you guys is to go on in your way and so to life on a great life.
Again i saw, the netherlands is a really fine country, with beautiful landscapes and very nice people.”

Another review; of "Cheerful lad", a Dutch visitor.

'Ik ben heel erg tevreden over de inhoud en de organisatie van de try-out. SmoothDoc nogmaals bedankt.
Entropy vond ik ook een beetje te algemeen, maar het allerbelangrijkste was, volgens mij, zijn 10-100-1000 uur regel. Dat geeft duidelijk aan hoeveel je nog doen moet, wil je verder komen dan waar je nu bent.
Joker was ongetwijfeld de beste spreker van de avond, dat ben ik met de meeste mensen eens. Aan zijn uitstaling kon ik zien dat hij eerlijk was over de dingen die hij vertelde. Een goed voorbeeld van een meester.
Dharam had een leuke oefening over de innergame, ik vind het altijd erg interessant hoe andere mensen hun innergame opbouwen. (...) Zijn tip over complimenten was voor mij echt nieuw - zeer handig om te weten!
Ik kom zelf "pas kijken" wat de community betreft, maar toch kon ik heel gemakkelijk begrijpen waar de sprekers het over hadden. Met dank aan de DatingDoctors. Hun workshop had me enorm veel tijd bespaard. Ik zou zelf nooit op een onbekend meisje afstappen na een paar boeken gelezen te hebben. Het draait alleen om echte ervaring met echte vrouwen. Daarvoor was de try-out weer een schop om iets te gaan doen.
Ik vond het ook leuk om nieuwe mensen ontmoeten te hebben die in hetzelfde onderwerp geinteresseerd zijn en ik hoop ze volgende keer weer te zien!'