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London Soul
London Soul

A British-born Asian, Soul wasn’t born with good looks, athleticism, social intuition, or any quality that might make others consider him “cool.” His best friends early on in school were his calculator, his notepad, and his fantasy role-play games. But he decided that he wanted more out of life than just academic prowess and a safe, well-paying job. He wanted beautiful women in his life.

Using Love Systems and his own drive to improve, he grew from the stereotypical introverted class geek to a socially astute charmer with an enviable social life. He is a seasoned martial artist, a graduate in Psychology and a talented young hip-hop dancer. Soul concentrates on building an aspirational lifestyle on all fronts. A huge fan of Day Game (meeting women outside of bars and clubs), he regularly picks up beautiful women on the streets and in shopping malls.

Soul is also the pioneer of Direct Game within Love Systems, an advanced method of interacting with women that makes your intentions clear from the start, and is fast and highly effective. An experienced speaker and teacher, Soul enjoys sharing what he’s learned with students to help them travel down their own path toward a rich lifestyle.

Soul shows his daygame and gets a phone number