Be the man women dream of!
David Kipping

DavidDavid used to have his act together: graduation, career, finance, friends. He had all but no luck with women. For some reasons this turned out to be very hard. When he was 35 he decided it was about time to handle this issue. David made the promise he would pass on his experience to other men once he had solved this puzzle. He got friends involved in the community, learned from them and studied dozens of books and dvd's. It was only when he started to tackle his limiting beliefs that he started to become successfull.

When DatingDoctors invited him to join the Real Man Conference organization David remembered his promise and took the challenge. He considers becoming successfull with women as a metaphor to discovering your inner power as a man. During the Real Man Conference he will share his story and two powerfull techniques to create empowering beliefs. These tools were crucial for his success with women. He now uses them in his new career as a success coach helping people and organizations achieve their goals. David believes passionately in human potential. Like several other speakers he has been inspired by the famous American success coach Anthony Robbins.