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Academy of Social Arts

Academy of Social Arts are a famous pickup artist company in Germany. Three of their top instructors, David "Skull" Roth (CEO of ASA), Bela "Babu" Hill and Chris "Tap" Eichhorn will give a joint presentation.

David „Skull“ Roth is CEO of the Academy of Social Arts and studies medicine at the university of Cologne. He is Germany's most famous PUA and brought the PickUp-Hype to the German-speaking countries with his (more than 10.000 times downloaded) eBook “From Mama’s-Boy to Casanova”. In it he describes a 40-Day Extreme-Sarging-Tour through Germany. He has coached more than 700 students all over Germany and is known for Ultra-Direct-Style in his game. His unsparingly bluntness to all his fellows, students and friends is one of his best attributes.

Bela “Babu” Hill has a life full of variety: he completed his community service in Bangladesh and came back to Germany with a backpack full of experience. This gave him a great advantage in his skill set during his 2-Year Fulltime-Sarging in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Iran, Turkey and every country in Europe. The Academy of Social Arts is delighted to present a mentor like him and everyone should see his charismatic and calm personality!

Christoph “Tap” Eichhorn joined the PU-Community with more experience than many other members. He was happy to find other fellows, who seduce and charm women all over the world and he found his calling in teaching and coaching all of this ideas. He’s a very “experimental” PUA and tries everything out, not caring how stupid or impossible it sounds. He can give orgasms with his voice only and invites the audience to a 90 minute mind-blowing presentation!