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Vince Kelvin and James Marshal 21 juni DJOJ R'dam

Hello gents,

For those who don’t know me, I’m James Marshall founder of The Natural Lifestyles and Australia’s best dating coach (as voted 2 years running in an impartial competition based on Zimbabwe’s electoral system).

I’ve been coaching worldwide for the last 5 years, pioneered the world’s first touring 10 day bootcamp and first long term live training, speaking at the major summits and generally ruffling feathers of old school paint by numbers PUAs. I’m recognized as one of the world authorities on Natural game but what I do goes well beyond picking up chicks.

A wacked out life of extreme adventure has led me from punching rocks in Shaolin temple, in front of the camera in a big budget porno, playing in a swisted funk band, wandering through 34 countries, coaching thousands of men to become psycho sex warriors and constantly pushing the limits of human spiritual and hedonistic possibilities. I coach men how to explore their true potential, to reject the pedestrian & mediocre and carve a life of joy, abundance and purpose.

I’m speaking at the upcoming Real Man Conference Try out in Rotterdam and while I’m here I want to connect with as many guys who are serious about their growth as possible while having a rollicking good time and finding out what the local talent is like. I’m putting on an exclusive intro seminar for the Dutch community on Tuesday 21st june and I obviously encourage you to all take advantage of me while I’m briefly in town.

At the convention I have to rant solo for an hour plus but I prefer to run my seminars as an interactive experience. Success in seduction is about taking action/risks and getting involved. So, I’ll hit on a few of the major areas I specialize in and get you guys to discuss and explore the ideas with me. I’ll keep it fairly open to discuss aspects you guys are interested in but I’ll focus on the following:

The process of becoming Natural – Naturals are made not born. I was shit with girls, obsessed with mastering this and went on a 15 year journey to smash it. I’ll give some vital tips on how to speed the process up, why trying to use someone else’s rigid structure will actually slow you down and the key elements for natural success with women including:

Hyper awareness – developing your sixth sense in seduction to control and leverage your emotions, become internally solid and learning how to read your social situations at a level that leaves most guys for dead.

Intent – The key expression of your desire. Most guys have scattered and self doubting intent which reflects in every action the take. I’ll show you how to project through your eyes, thoughts and actions that you are powerful sexual and take what you want.

Emotional pressure/release – This is the engine of seduction. Your ability to put positive emotional pressure and release it at the right moment is the defining element to success with women.

Micro fractal calibration - An important buzzword with no practical use.

Seductive economy and lifestyle design – Game is not enough. To keep high quality women in your life and to maximize your success in all areas you need to consciously design your life to draw the right people in. I’ll touch on my system for swiftly bringing your dream life into reality.

I know better than most that the seduction community/industry is full of bullshit artists and marketing parasites. I back my claims 100% and truly welcome any skepticism or challenging questions. Feel free to post them up here or better still come along and make up your mind in person. All are welcome to the talk including non community members, women, astral entities etc

Some reviews of the talk I did for the LSS may 31st


The talk was awesome, by the way. I kind of expected another lecture about "just be yourself" or "just be direct", etc. but James has a very powerful perspective and a no-bullshit attitude which I learned a lot from, as well as a lot of useful

Burton Earny:

This was a great talk. I was pleasantly surprised by it. Will write a review soon

Red Adam

Really good. Heard some new stuff, which is a rarity

Jack Black

A fantastic talk, really. It was a talk on being direct, but you made clear it is ultimately about intent. I especially liked the part on qualification and emotional pressure. So much value, actually. I'll have to go through my notes and recall all these ideas. Btw, just on my way out of Carter House to the bus stop I solidly NC this hot Greek girl... "How many boy-friends do you have?" - "Hang on, how do you define 'boy-friend'...?" Lol. James, you got me in good state


was in London and yesterday finishing my contract at my workplace and I really needed a sarging break after all the hard work and I logged into LSS to see if anyone was out ...saw this post and considered going to this only because Vamos had written good about him.

There are a few points in my game I am looking for some inputs.. so i thought I could try it given he is all natural. But again that means inner game and I don’t particularly fancy such talks.

After a bit of back and forth decided will just walk past the venue as I was in the neighbourhood and see how i feel once I get there . Met a few guys standing outside and decided I would go.
So much thought because I am against paying for pick up related stuff as I think they aren’t worth it and also guess I consider myself too cool to pay . Have never paid for anything so far(except lss one last year , which is for charity so that is the way of consoling my self ).

Anyway as I was walking in half-heartedly without even remembering his name I was thinking of ways to avoid paying as I was thinking it would just be a sales pitch. What can he cover in 2 hours. Not because it was a lot of money but because I can no longer say I never pay for pick up stuff! I lost my virginity . But then the better me told stop being a fucking cheapskate... So I paid the fee and sat in and was sort of blown away by his presentation.

I felt so much value in what he was talking and he stuck with me straight away. It was very close to my style and more importantly my views of game.

Once he mentioned about his boot camps I actually considered taking a boot camp as I was a bit drunk in the knowledge he gave me. Which I would lose as soon as he told the price (£900, already discounted heavily) but what I am trying to say is for a guy who wasn’t even ready to pay a 5ver the talk made me consider taking a boot camp for real.

It was of course more about getting his name know but James is good, he is all natural so the LSS would like him more... and was a very good presenter with good sense of humour.

It lasted for well more than 2 hours, I did leave a bit early. So in terms of topic it was just his view of being a natural and he was a bit all over and there was nothing in specific he covered (I think!) but I liked the way he put forth a few points

1. Having Positive belief / delusion
2. Missing opportunities in life when you dont approach
3. Awareness / Making one comfortable around hot women
4. Intention is key
5. Girls challenging is good.
6. Ways to kill girl coding and the emphasis on that.

P.S - fairly long and just to clarify the number of words is not an endorsement of how good it was. He was definitely good but he also has corny sounding pick up models like other but I guess if you are struggling and want to have a more natural approach and are looking for that belief in you he would be a much better deal that most clowns out there. Give him a try but do your research.
I can say one thing for sure if you follow his approach you don’t have to worry about girls calling you out as a pua… (you would still be a player, but you get the difference

See you all there.


Date: Tuesday june 21st
Time: 7-9pm
Address: Antony Duyklaan 5-7 @ Djoj Rotterdam (that's near trainstation Rotterdam Noord)
Cost: 30 euros payable at the door  (that's with Vince Kelvin 21-23pm course)
More info on TNL at

Also, check out these videos, to get an idea where I’m coming from: ... RSLt_MPSEU ... nOYxQnwOzk ... dJWtKNyGBs ... i39qjO6buM